Worried About Your Aging Parents

Many of us have not seen our loved one for more than a month or two since the start of the lockdown. To worry about them is but natural yet this worrying can sometimes be too much that we can’t even focus on the things we need to do. MS. IVANA MABUNAY, a Child Psychologist, gives us tips not only on how to manage this worry but also on how to transform it into a positive energy of hope.
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Let’s Talk Mental Health

The effect of the Covid-19 crisis has triggered concerns affecting people’s mental and emotional well-being. In Touch Clinical Supervisor, Dr. Julian Montano, tackles the questions of the community with the In Touch team of professionals to obtain helpful insights and gather expert mental health tips that are practical and relevant to the issues.




New US Regional Psychiatrist Visits In Touch

Keeping In Touch: (from left) In Touch Head of Psychological Services Unit Dr. Julian Montano, Mental Health Services Lead Myrtle Almando, US Embassy Medical Unit rep Mimi Thein, US EMU Regional Medical Officer Psychiatrist Andrea Ross, In Touch Executive Director Mike Calleja, In Touch Foreign Liaison Program relationship managers Marielle Mikkelsen and Daisy Pope-Brien.

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