I Want To Improve
The Well-Being of My Employees

Our corporate programs are work-based and designed to improve your organization's performance through the provision of structured management and employee support services. ​

The Employee Well-Being program offers professional counselling services to your employees. Addressing issues such as work problems, family concerns, emotional stress, difficulties involving substance abuse, and traumatic events; the result is that employees are able to return to healthy, productive lives, rapidly. Client confidentiality is strictly maintained.

The programs also offer skill building workshops and seminars for your employees, managers, and HR personnel. Selected from our large library of trainings, these are tailored to your unique company culture and delivered by our experts in organizational behavior management and self-care.

professional counseling by appointment

Short-term, solution-focused counseling

  • Life Management issues
  • Work transition concerns
  • Conflict Resolution Management
  • Family and parenting counseling
  • Legal and financial consultation

24/7 helpline support

  • Unlimited
  • Landline, mobile, domestic toll free

(for those outside metro manila)

  • Provide in-the-moment support
  • Assess needs and refer to appropriate professional counselor

skill-building talks, workshops & webinars

Enhance employee productivity by upgrading their knowledge and interpersonal skills.

Critical incident response

One-time crisis intervention led by a licensed professional / Group counseling. Its objective is to provide immediate psychological ice bag treatment on the emotional swelling caused by trauma. To assess additional psychological support.


Here’s what some of our clients have to say:



For any immediate or in-the-moment emotional support, call our 24/7 CRISIS LINE. Our professionally trained responders are on standby to assist you.