In Touch Schedule for 2023-24 Holidays

Kindly be advised that In Touch Community Services will be operating at a limited capacity during the holiday season (December 18 – January 1).
We’ll be back in full force on January 2, 2024 to attend to your inquiries and counseling requests.
If you need immediate support, our Crisis Line continues to be available 24/7 via the following numbers:
+63 2 8893 7603 / +63 917 800 1123 (Globe) / +63 922 893 8944 (Sun) / +63 919 056 0709 (Smart)
Image by Toni Cuenca
For emergency cases related to self-harm or suicide ideation, our safety protocol is to proceed to the nearest emergency room with a trusted companion, or have yourself admitted for suicide watch. You may also call 911 as an alternative for situations posing danger to self or others.
Keep safe and happy holidays!

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New US Regional Psychiatrist Visits In Touch

Keeping In Touch: (from left) In Touch Head of Psychological Services Unit Dr. Julian Montano, Mental Health Services Lead Myrtle Almando, US Embassy Medical Unit rep Mimi Thein, US EMU Regional Medical Officer Psychiatrist Andrea Ross, In Touch Executive Director Mike Calleja, In Touch Foreign Liaison Program relationship managers Marielle Mikkelsen and Daisy Pope-Brien.

I’m Close to Panicking: Help!

There are so many unanswered questions about this pandemic: Medical, economical, societal, spiritual and psychological questions. One question more difficult to answer than the other.

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For any immediate or in-the-moment emotional support, call our 24/7 CRISIS LINE. Our professionally trained responders are on standby to assist you.