Manila and the rest of the Philippines welcome you and your family to a new home here. We know that as you become accustomed to this bright, vibrant part of the world, you will find your own favorite parts to love. It is an amazing country and often surprises people with how quickly they fall in love with their life here.

Moving to a new place can present challenges to families. The stress associated with moving home, job and school can have an enormous impact on how each family member feels, and they may exhibit their stress in a variety of ways. Depending on the family situation, some members of the family will be more affected than others.

Whether you are planning to move or have already arrived, there are support systems available for you to access whenever you need help, whether it’s on your first day or months down the track. Since 1980, In Touch has been helping the community, and over that time they have developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by families moving to a new place. 


In Touch offers counseling and psychiatric consultation to address various issues concerning mental and emotional well-being. Our mental health professionals come from a diverse background and have expertise dealing with difficulties in childhood and adolescence, parenting and family matters, marital and relationship problems, stress and work-related concerns, grief and loss, transitional adjustment, substance abuse, domestic violence, trauma, eating disorders, psychiatric cases, etc.


In Touch provides expats with learning opportunities on understanding the value of mental health and well-being especially when it comes to coping and adjusting to a new setting.

We have a range of interactive, engaging, and practical wellness and skill-building workshops that can be conducted face-to-face, virtually or in a hybrid setup, with many of our products customizable to suit your needs. All sessions are facilitated by professional mental health practitioners to ensure that you receive valid, sound, and credible mental health knowledge.

WANT TO get expat support?


For any immediate or in-the-moment emotional support, call our 24/7 CRISIS LINE. Our professionally trained responders are on standby to assist you.