Loving Yourself Through the Beast

In Touch Psychologist Talks about the Impact on the Mental Health of People Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Self-compassion, the ability to be kind to oneself, is an internal resource that may enhance a woman’s ability to deal with breast cancer.”

In a keynote speech at the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines virtual seminar that celebrates resilience and empowerment in the face of breast cancer held last October 24, In Touch licensed psychologist Ms. Lia Infante emphasized the importance of practicing self-compassion to cope through the emotional journey of having breast cancer.

The mental health professional described the stages from when first diagnosed, to during and after treatment and the varying ways to practice self-compassion. Ms. Infante also shared tips on when to seek professional help and other available mental health support such as counseling offered by In Touch Community Services.  

Ms. Infante has been trained primarily in Social Thinking and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but uses various therapeutic approaches and techniques to address her clients’ needs and preferences. The webinar was held in commemoration of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Keeping In Touch: (from left) In Touch Head of Psychological Services Unit Dr. Julian Montano, Mental Health Services Lead Myrtle Almando, US Embassy Medical Unit rep Mimi Thein, US EMU Regional Medical Officer Psychiatrist Andrea Ross, In Touch Executive Director Mike Calleja, In Touch Foreign Liaison Program relationship managers Marielle Mikkelsen and Daisy Pope-Brien.

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