ABS-CBN News Spotlights the Life of In Touch Crisis Line Responders

Julian Montano, a psychologist and clinical director at In-Touch Community Services, called this “compassion fatigue,” wherein responders and other people who cater to mental health concerns experience burnout especially when everything “piles up.”

The life of lending an ear to hard calls  and the persistent  threat of compassion fatigue. The challenge of providing a safe space to help callers make sense of their thoughts. Why extensive training is necessary prior to becoming a Crisis Line responder. 

In this coverage of ABS-CBN is a brief view of Crisis Line responders; what it’s like in their shoes as they deal with every day calls for the sake of helping those in need.

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New US Regional Psychiatrist Visits In Touch

Keeping In Touch: (from left) In Touch Head of Psychological Services Unit Dr. Julian Montano, Mental Health Services Lead Myrtle Almando, US Embassy Medical Unit rep Mimi Thein, US EMU Regional Medical Officer Psychiatrist Andrea Ross, In Touch Executive Director Mike Calleja, In Touch Foreign Liaison Program relationship managers Marielle Mikkelsen and Daisy Pope-Brien.

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