Never Lose Sight of the Horizon

Rina Macasaet


What's written in the stars can always change.

Look up, make every day happen.
In good ways, better than not.
A smile or a kind word.

Don’t give up.
What’s written in the stars can always change.
Give yourself an achievable goal.

So that you have something to look forward to everyday.
Be reasonable with life as you would be reasonable with yourself.
Acceptance does not mean defeat.

Like the weather, life shifts daily in unexpected directions.
Your horizon is there to keep you focused.
When your vision blurs, all you have to do is blink.

And you’ll see how different your horizon can be when you take a second look.

#InTouchStoriesofHope aims to bring you mental and emotional relief during the COVID-19 pandemic through the inspiring stories and perspectives of In Touch community of counselors, volunteers, partners, and clients.

Rina Macasaet is a retired corporate employee with 25 years of working experience.  She discovered her ability in mentoring and decided to study further while working.

In 2012, she completed training as a Crisis Line Volunteer and she pursued Life Coaching, Solution Focused Training and Choice Theory and Reality Therapy Training. 

She further complemented her learnings and became a certified Reiki Practitioner and a Theta Healer Practitioner.

Rina is a self-taught sketch artist, a painter and a writer.  The Pandemic has given her ample time to pursue her creative passions.

She remains an active volunteer and advocate for Wellness and Well-being, merging her learnings and creative talents while mentoring and inspiring others.




New US Regional Psychiatrist Visits In Touch

Keeping In Touch: (from left) In Touch Head of Psychological Services Unit Dr. Julian Montano, Mental Health Services Lead Myrtle Almando, US Embassy Medical Unit rep Mimi Thein, US EMU Regional Medical Officer Psychiatrist Andrea Ross, In Touch Executive Director Mike Calleja, In Touch Foreign Liaison Program relationship managers Marielle Mikkelsen and Daisy Pope-Brien.

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