Ma. Cristina Esquivel-Saldivar

Cristine or Ma. Cristina Esquivel-Saldivar is a full-time professor of Psychology and has earned her undergraduate, Masters, and Doctorate in Psychology from De La Salle University.

In her private practice as a Registered Guidance Counselor, she helps people seeking pre-marital, marital, family and career counseling. She also specializes in facilitating life transitions for adolescents and adults.

She is actively engaged in various professional organizations in the field of psychology. She has presented local and international papers on matters relating to the practice of counseling, counselor education, research, and supervision. She is best known to speak on parenthood, stress management, work-life balance, and integrative wellness.

Cristine believes that there is no single approach to counseling, just as each individual will always have a unique story and concern to share. It is a matter of engaging people to take charge of their lives and learn to develop life skills that will enhance their quality of and appreciation for life.