About us

In Touch Community Services (ITCS) is a leading provider of professional counseling services, a telephone Crisis Line and cross-cultural orientation programs.

In Touch was established in 1980 and is a non-profit, non-governmental organization servicing the well- being of the community. Originally developed with the aid of the United States Embassy, the aim of In Touch was to provide newly-arrived expatriates with information about resources in the Manila community and to assist them in understanding and appreciating cross-cultural issues. In 1984, In Touch extended its information and referral outreach to the Filipino community through its anonymous telephone-based Crisis Line. At that time, few counseling services existed in Manila especially free and confidential services to assist people who experience stress, anxiety and other challenges in daily life. In the years since, In Touch has trained hundreds of volunteers to respond professionally and compassionately to all Crisis Line callers.

While there are several organizations catering to the physical needs of the community, In Touch is one of the few organizations whose activities focus on mental and emotional well-being. We understand these are not tangible, but we cannot overemphasize their importance and consider our services vital to serving the Manila community.

Our Mission/Vision Statement

In Touch Community Services is a trusted provider of professional counseling services promoting mental health and well-being.

We empower individuals to be well-adjusted members of the community by providing professional counseling services delivered by highly–trained and empathetic individuals.

We deliver these services through Crisis Line, a 24-hour Free-telephone counseling, Cross-CulturalTraining, Face-to-Face Counseling, addressing a variety of issues and the Employee Assistance Program.


Operating in Manila Since 1980

In Touch has been in operation in Manila since 1980 providing counselling and support for both Filipinos and expatriates, with particular emphasis on guidance for newcomers.

We are here to listen when you feel like you have no one to turn to and to provide you with information which will assist in your transition to your new environment.

Our door is always open, so feel free to drop by our office for a cup of coffee or call us at 893 1893.

-Evelyn Mendiola Executive Director